Ordering your clients income documents made simple.

If you’re a mortgage agent, you know how frustrating it can be to lose a file because your client can’t send you their NOAs, T4s, or bank statements. At DocPal we provide on demand client income retrieval for mortgage agents. You simply get your client to sign an authorization form, and we’ll retrieve the documents directly from CRA within 4 business hours. Need bank statements? Again just get the client to complete a simple online link and we will be able to provide up to 12 months of banking statements.  

Please note currently due to COVID up-to 24-48 hours may be needed to receive the clients NOA’S, T4’s.

Banking Statements Made Easy

We all know how stressful it can be waiting for a client to try and find and send you their banking statements to submit to the lender. That is why DocPal has made it simple, we send a online request to your client which they fill out, once they have done this we get up to 12 months of bank statements which we then supply to you typically the same day.

Job Verification now available with DocPal!

New product offering, this service allows you to confirm job verification by showing last 12 months of payroll deposits, this also shows the last 12 months of government benefits pay. This service is a 12 month of cashflow broken down into an easy to read report to help you and your lenders confirm the clients situation.

DocPal Benefits

Fast turnaround

We usually deliver with 4 hours to ensure to keep your file moving.

Please note currently due to COVID up-to 24-48 hours may be needed to receive the clients NOA'S, T4's.

Simple client experience

You can either upload the form or we can send a direct link to the client for online signing.

Close more deals and keep your lenders happy

All documents are clean and clear to read, your lender underwriters will love you for ensuring a easy file to read!

Simple Pricing Options

Select Your Plan

On Demand Pricing


per client

Monthly Unlimited Pricing


per Month

Need an underwriter?

We understand at DocPal that sometimes your super busy, or you may not have access to a certain lender or even the maximum comp that the lender pays. That is why DocPal using the Citadel Lending Hub, if offers all mortgage agents the opperunitiy to use highly trained and efficient underwriters to help underwriter and close your deals!

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